My Favourite Morning of the Year

Christmas? Easter? Birthday? Anniversary? No, the day the clocks go back! I just love that extra hour of sleep. I love the fact that for the next week, every morning I’ll feel as though I’ve slept in. I love the fact that from now on, I’ll be getting up in light instead of darkness (well, until the middle of winter, anyway).

This weekend always feels like a ‘bonus’ weekend: something for nothing; an extra treat; a time for optimism. Knowing that the week ahead is going to feel easier, I am inevitablyย relaxed on this weekend – whether I’m particularly unwell (depressed and anxious) or not.

This year, it seems especially auspicious that the clocks go back on the night of the day I firstย felt happy in a long time. Could I be about to turn a corner? Could I be granted a reprieve from the worst of my symptoms for a while? Wow (she said, getting waaaay ahead of herself) – could I even think about working again?

All these questions will be answered in time. For now, I’m just revelling in the fact that I feel great. Rested, optimistic, enthusiastic, and strong.

Thank you, daylight savings. You did not die in vain.


Daylight SavingsPicture Credit:ย




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17 responses to “My Favourite Morning of the Year

  1. No daylight savings where I live so it doesn’t bother me. Glad you got an extra hour in bed this morning though.


  2. Yes, how great is it? I love this side of daylight saving! I hate when the clocks goes forward though.


  3. ocdjm

    That’s awesome. Here in Arizona we don’t switch our clocks which is OK because I don’t usually sleep well.


  4. So glad you are feeling good! In our part of the world we just lost an hour of sleep a few weeks ago. Hate that. But this is the way of life. Good and bad.


  5. Im glad you are feeling happy. I love that extra hour of sleep, too bad I’m north of the equator and we had the leap forward time change a few weeks ago. btw I nominated you for the Quartlet of Radiance award:


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  7. We lost an hour of sleep last weekend due to this, and it’s brighter here. Spring is upon us here in sweden. ๐Ÿ™‚ Although I prefer the dark. Happy that you’re up for some “time of optimism”, that is always a very good thing ๐Ÿ™‚


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