Slightly Sprightly

It was fun, having a spring in my step this morning; it was less fun, crashing afterwards, but it’s nice to be ending the day with an echo of that spring returned.

Was it the level of activity which caused the afternoon slump? I took my exercise level up a notch today. Was it the larger-than-usual lunch, as I cleared out the fridge of the week’s leftovers? Perhaps. Was it the fact that I made time this afternoon to deliberately think about the thoughts and feelings I’ve been repressing? Hmmm …

The best news, from my perspective, is that although I’ll be going to bed soon, I actually feel happy about today, and about all the things I’ve achieved in the last week. I want to keep a record of these, so here they are, summarized:

  • published an eBook on Monday – yay! You can see a picture of it to the right 🙂 I feel like a new mum with baby pics!
  • gave myself a ‘mental health day’ from my mental health day program on Tuesday, lol
  • cleared out the spare room and filled our trash can on Tuesday, simultaneously denying our neighbours of their “top up” habits, which they’d been exploiting a little too freely lately (hell hath no fury like a woman whose bins have been violated)
  • planted out a new garden bed on Wednesday – yay!
  • found some old documents I needed on Friday, which were in an unmarked box near the bottom of a pile of archive containers at the back of the garage. Phew! That was a dirty, dusty but ultimately rewarding job
  • had a great therapy session on Friday – yay!
  • took my exercise to the next level today – yay!

I have so much to be grateful for, so much to enjoy, and so much living to do in the near future. Now there’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d be typing anytime soon. Blue skies ahead!

How’s your day been?

Desert Road


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2 responses to “Slightly Sprightly

  1. Your accomplishments sound fantastic.
    For the past two week I have been battling a large sinus problem that turned into bronchitis, This morning is the fist one in 10 days that I didn’t wake up wheezing and trying to cough my lungs up. It has been both annoying and tiring trying to find a position to sit or lay down where I didn’t have to cough. I have a lot more energy this morning than I have had in the past 2 weeks and I feel as though I should go out and do something, but I think I will play it safe and take it easy until I know that the sickness is gone.


    • That sounds very wise. I had noticed that you were less active online these last two weeks but hadn’t wanted to broach the subject directly: now I know why! I hope this morning wasn’t a fluke and that the disease really is leaving you. Yay!


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