And the thing she’s most grateful for is (drumroll please) …

Here are the top five things I feel grateful for, in this moment:

  • a good night’s sleep, without extra chemical sedation
  • food in the pantry
  • tea in the pot
  • the company of friends, near and far, IRL and online

and the thing I feel most grateful for is:

  • the spring in my step this morning. Unaccountable, inexplicable, but real. Yay!

thanks heart


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15 responses to “And the thing she’s most grateful for is (drumroll please) …

  1. Oh Bree that is absolutely wonderful!! I am so glad you are in an up mood! 🙂


  2. And this morning I am grateful for the fact that I woke up WITHOUT a headache! 🙂


  3. Let us know where that spring in your step takes you today 🙂


  4. This sounds like the most heartwarming list!


  5. I really should start doing this too. Things to be grateful for. 🙂 I hope you have a beautiful day. 🙂


  6. Sleep, food and drink, friends – sounds like the perfect trifecta!

    While our struggles can be debilitating, I do think they can make us appreciate more about the good days – or even just the “normal” days (whatever that means!). I know that a spring in your step is really quite a magical thing!


  7. It makes me feel good to know that while we all have our own misery you can still feel happy 🙂


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