It’s time! (well, maybe)


I’ve got that itchy feeling at the back of my neck! It might be time for some major changes in life – changes which may herald a new era of health and happiness.

Well, maybe …

I quite enjoyed my break from group therapy yesterday. That, and the fact that in the last two days I’ve knocked off two long-term projects which have been hanging over my head, have made me feel a sense of optimism and enthusiasm which has been lacking for some time.

I feel as though I sleep-walked through most of February and March. The days slid by; I learnt more about myself, sure, but I spent a lot of time feeling bad – or simply not feeling anything at all. Yesterday, I felt as though I was waking up. The decision not to attend my day programme of group therapy helped. I felt empowered; I hadn’t realized what a burden it had become. I do understand that change involves discomfort, but I’m seriously wondering whether the strong negative feelings I have towards this group are an indication that it’s not the right group for me, at the moment?

I feel like taking up the reins of my own “treatment” again, of focussing on lifestyle instead of spending so much time wrapped up in a group which may or may not be doing me any good. I feel like targeting areas of my life which have slipped lately – diet and exercise – getting back to basics, if you like, instead of looking to others to define the parameters of my life.

Look, I’m such a “good girl” (other “good girls” will know what I mean!) that I’ll probably just continue with the group: quitting doesn’t come easily to me. However, I like the fact that I’m feeling energized in other directions.

Watch this space.



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13 responses to “It’s time! (well, maybe)

  1. hellokalykitty

    I’m watching Bree :). With fingers crossed lovely lady 😉


  2. Sounds awesome. I look forward to reading more.


  3. Ooh, I know all about being a good girl – what a pain in the ass! Do what feels right for you 🙂


  4. Hope what ever healing journey you take brings good health and happiness. Big hugs.


  5. Cal

    Wheee! What a positive post! I’m so excited for you, and so glad you’re feeling motivated to change!


  6. This sounds great! I’ll be waiting for your optimism to seep over to my part of the world! 🙂


  7. I like your phrase “define the parameters of my life”. I feel too that I am starting to learn to make choices for myself without falling into the good girl role of doing what I think other’s would like me to do. I am learning to be my own best friend and advocate.


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