The surprising side benefits of being an evil genius

I don’t often allow myself to relish unfettered acts of pure bitchy vengeance, but I made an exception today – and reaped a surprising fringe benefit.

I probably need to back up a little. Last Friday, there was The Incident involving our garden waste bin:

Full Bin

which I’ll freely admit I had a strong emotional reaction to. (My neighbours hired a gardener who filled their garden waste bin, and then ours, without asking.) Then on Sunday evening I removed two bags of their trash which had been placed in our garbage bin, which is just not cool. It’s one thing to add waste to a not-quite-full bin once it’s out on the curb waiting for collection (though the more I think about it, the more problems I can see with that, but that’s a story for another time) but quite another to do it two days before collection day.

This morning, I decided not to attend my day-long group therapy programme. I was still emotionally drained from yesterday’s appointment with my infamous medications bloke, and just generally run down; I didn’t feel up to the emotional rigours of almost four hours of group therapy, followed by a 1-1 consultation. Too much! So I steeled myself – I didn’t want to be bullied or badgered into going, as has happened before – and simply called up and said I wouldn’t be attending today, due to fatigue from yesterday’s appointment. Done.

Then I had that glorious feeling of a day without plans! How exciting! Still feeling a bit cheesed off with my neighbours, I decided on a teensy tiny bit of righteous vengeance. I decided to fill our garbage bin to the rim, so they couldn’t do their usual trick of adding more trash to it. Yes, yes, I know it was petty, BUT in order to gather enough actual, non-recyclable rubbish to fill the bin, I … [wait for it!] … I cleared out the spare room.

That’s right, I did it! Our garbage bin is on the kerb, filled with all sorts of rubbish, and you can now swing a cat – not just a kitten, but a full-grown cat – in the middle of my own little patch of this planet.

So, the moral of this story is: if you’re going to give yourself a mental health day (from a mental health programme, but hey, it still counts!) then turn into an evil genius and do something constructive with all that angry energy.

Who knows what you might achieve?


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8 responses to “The surprising side benefits of being an evil genius

  1. Love it! Whatever works! 😉


  2. I love it! I thought you were going to say you filled their garbage bin, which would have been stooping to their level. Your plan WAS genius….be productive and get back at them all at the same time. Good for you!


  3. Thumbs up! Well done!!!


  4. Well done you. 🙂


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