Dysthymia and chronic fatigue syndrome linked

Aha! A link between chronic fatigue syndrome and dysthymia (one of the depression family of mental illnesses; I have been diagnosed with it, along with major depression with melancholia and generalized anxiety disorder). The link was reported in this study:


I’ve been noticing huge “payback” fatigue increasingly over the last few months … better talk this over with my doc.

Truth be told, I’m experiencing that extreme type of fatigue right now, so it’s a very early night from me!



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17 responses to “Dysthymia and chronic fatigue syndrome linked

  1. I can’t say I am surprised. My therapist told me (last summer) that I have probably been dysthymic for years. I guess her hope (and mine) was that it wouldn’t progress to major depression. But it did and I must admit that it’s probably good that it did, otherwise I might not have been pushed to make the changes I needed to make. [It’s ironic to think about making big changes whilst in a major depressive episode, when I am less-equipped to act than I would otherwise have been…]


    • I’m really pleased you’ve been able to make those changes! That’s great. Yes, depression is a really weird beast, isn’t it? For example, if you have the flu, you want to do the things which will make you better – rest, drink fluids,etc. If you’re depressed, you don’t feel like doing the things which will help, like execise, socialize, etc.
      I’m not happy your dysthymia progressed to major depression, but I am glad you’ve been able to make what sound like much-needed changes.


      • Thanks for your kind words of encouragement! I was just telling my doc yesterday how ironic it is that I know I need to get up off the couch but it’s the LAST thing I actually want to do…thus, all of that well-meaning advice is silly after one has passed the point of not functioning.

        The changes have been coming for quite awhile, as had the depression. Sometimes I guess it takes reaching a crisis point to act upon making those changes. No matter, I’m here now so giddyup! 😉


      • Good for you! And if you have any of that giddyup energy left over, feel free to send it my way 🙂


      • Heh. Will do! Although I’m feeling tired in my 2nd day of meds. Better than yesterday. I anticipate having incrementally more energy each day going forward. Not pushing it simply because I have nothing left. Rest is, therefore, guuuud!


      • I was about to type “rest in peace” but then realized that really wasn’t appropriate! Ha ha 😀 I do hope that your rest is peaceful, however.


      • LOLZ! That is very funny and I would have laughed – a lot. Thanks for the wishes for serenity. Dude, I sooooo need peaceful and serene. So do you!


      • Too right! 🙂 Do you think a pedicure can deliver serenity? Here’s hoping …


      • Ahhh, yes I do. Temporary though it may be, I feel a lovely sense of satisfaction when my toes are perfectly painted Corvette red! 😉


  2. yawning and it’s only 9 am. You must be right.


  3. I cant remember the last time I actually felt rested after sleeping…been over a year. 😦


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