Diana Day: A Success!

This morning, I declared that today I would be Diana, accompanied by my canine companions Endurance and Determination:

Diana and the Hounds

Diana and the Hounds, by William Leslie Bowles

I have to say – it was a resounding success!

I not only managed to attend today’s day program, but stay for the duration, and not have to retreat into myself to escape from the difficult bits.

Look, this post is really just a quick little “victory lap” – having fully participated in almost four hours of group therapy and an individual session, I’m pretty exhausted and don’t feel up to writing a full post – but I wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who offered support today. It’s greatly appreciated!

Also, I think it’s important to celebrate our victories in the ongoing struggle against depression and anxiety, even seeming-tiny ones like turning up and staying for the duration.

So, sweetlings, may the rest of this day be peaceful for you. And if you’ve had a victory today, please share your good news in the comments space below! Let us celebrate with you!

xx DB

*      *      *

P.S. Don’t forget there’s a $100 prize and the chance to be published world-wide in the short story competition 🙂 Two weeks, two days until entries close!


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8 responses to “Diana Day: A Success!

  1. Go you, woot woot! Glad you had a great day! XX


  2. “Resounding success” – that’s a phrase that we hear so infrequently. How awesome! I’m pretty sure that calls for another standing ovation. 🙂

    Your success seeped over to my world for a bit – nothing earth-shattering, but an improvement nonetheless. So thank you for that!

    And keep ’em coming…


  3. Just a little whoop-whoop for you. 🙂


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