Monday’s List is Fair of Face

OK, it’s usually “Monday’s child is fair of face”, but I’m just exhausted – so I’m going to write a Monday SuperList. What’s a SuperList, you ask? Well, it’s a gratitude list plus random facts. Because I’m just too braindead to put them into any sort of order. So there.

Here goes:

  • I’m glad the traffic had cleared by the time I had to drive home from the GP’s this morning – approximately 18kms of linear parking lot would not have been fun to navigate through 
  • I’m grateful for my pharmacist who helped me out with a prescription, even though the paperwork wasn’t quite right 
  • It’s a shame I couldn’t get stuff done today, but my brain seemed to hurt every time I tried to do something constructive. I wonder if this is part of having a “dysthymia” diagnosis? Might be worth looking into
  • The neighbour’s puppy absolutely adores me, and apparently I’m one of the very few people outside his family whom he likes, so I feel very special. He sits for me, too!
  • Some bastard bumped my car and knocked the headlight out of its socket. Thankfully it isn’t broken, and the dearly beloved and I were able to go Bush Mechanic on it and fix it in place with a zip tie and packing tape (yeah, we’re all about the high tech) but it wouldn’t have been parked on the street except that the neighbours asked to use the driveway to display their car, which they wanted to sell today. So they sold their car, and I had to fix mine. Getting onto an expressway and accelerating to 100km/h is not a fun time to realize your headlight is dangling
  • I still feel optimistic about this week. Goodness only knows why, but I’ll continue to embrace it!
  • My therapist rocks. Seriously, he is da bomb. Or whatever the kids say when someone is amazingly, astoundingly, astonishingly and consistently wise, insightful, generous, compassionate, challenging, and all-round fantastic. ❤
  • A new episode of Modern Family is about to start. So I’ll leave you, my virtual family, and get set to enjoy my current fave sitcom!

Here’s an extra dollop of optimism for anyone who needs it:  *


xx DB

thanks heart


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4 responses to “Monday’s List is Fair of Face

  1. Such a practical and good idea to make a list! Good on you!


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