I’m not sure why I feel optimistic about the week to come, but it’s a welcome change.

Bring it on! And may this week be different.


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23 responses to “Optimism?

  1. I hope this week is kind to you ❤


  2. Oddly enough I too had a feeling of peaceful calm. I actually managed to smile and be okay with life. It was wonderful!


  3. There’s not a lot going on in my week to come. Let’s hope all of our weeks are uneventful in a calm, quiet way.


  4. I love that you feel optimistic! Good for you!


  5. Optimism is good. Have you got some spare to send a matchbox full up to me? lol


  6. The best part about this week? It’s not last week! 🙂

    Here’s hoping that your optimism is powerful enough to carry some of us through our rough weeks. 🙂


    • Ha ha! The moment I read that, I smiled 🙂

      We’ll continue to support each other. In this moment, I have optimism to spare – you’re welcome to as much as you need! And later, well … ? As I always say, it’s all about the mutual support 🙂


  7. WOOOO! Awesome! I’ve been in a great mood myself. Let’s embrace it and run with it. Take that week and make it our bitch. 😀


    • Too right! I’m on board with that 🙂


      • There are moments, and I’m sure you’ve had them too, when I stop and dread the next fall out…. but then I just turn on some happy music, talk to someone and think to myself… Fuck it. It’ll come, and it’ll go, and it’ll hurt… but it WILL go again, and I’ll come back to where I am now.

        Let’s do it girl!

        I also, LOVE the people who have commented on your post and said how you can help carry our fellow sufferers who are not in a positive place right now. Cause we know how that is, and can give them hope. Hell, how hard is it sometimes to encourage each other when we’re both down? I know, sometimes, sadly I just can’t get on WordPress to read anyone’s posts… even yours (sorry hon!) it’s just… hard. I try, but I sometimes I can’t find the words cause I want to end myself too. So those people are awesome for saying that, cause I didn’t think of that.


      • Yes, they are awesome people, and they were wonderful comments 🙂

        So – it’s on! 🙂 Yay! At least until it’s not on anymore. Then it’ll be on pause again. Until – Yay! It’ll be on again!

        (Rambling. Hit a wall again. Only a fatigue wall, still feeling OK about this week.)


  8. I feel ok about this week as well! Not just ok, really ok! Alright, cautiously optimistic.


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