That symptom

Depression comes with such a long list of symptoms and effects that, thankfully, you rarely experience them all in one day. Well, you couldn’t, could you? I mean, living through both insomnia and hypersomnia simultaneously must surely be impossible!

Right now, I’m experiencing one of the most common symptoms, one I hear people talking about a lot – exhaustion.

It’s not as though I’ve been working hard today. I haven’t been digging trenches, hauling bricks or even minding kids. “All” I did was take a train into the city, spend a couple of hours walking around with my husband and my mother (visiting from interstate) and come home again. Since returning, I can barely lift a finger!

The sudden and debilitating exhaustion isn’t new, but I’ve been taking good care of myself lately, and haven’t experienced it for some weeks.

Perhaps what I’m experiencing right now is the “slump” experienced after a sustained period of stress. Yes, yes, regular readers will recall me writing about this about a week ago – but sadly, my life continues to be characterized by stressful events. At least I have a short lull now, between today’s outing and Tuesday. Yay!

So, my friends, it’s coddling time again: good food, plenty of fluids, a multivitamin for good measure, and lots of rest.

Wishing you all good things for the rest of your weekend.




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10 responses to “That symptom

  1. eddieredvine

    Coddling is needed… I would throw in husband cuddles for good measure too! Xx


  2. Good for you! Take care of yourself.


  3. I completely understNd your exhaustion I have been sleeping for about 18 hours a day because I can’t keep my up, I empathize.


  4. I can empathise with this. Sometimes you just don’t know where the exhaustion comes from. In this instance I see two potential options (sorry, I love to solve). It might be that your day actually enabled you to relax at last and the exhaustion is you it’s time to catch up. Kind of the same way you get sick on holiday as soon as you relax from work. On the other side, the day was stressful, being out and about and concentrating on conversations with your mum and your hubby. I’m hoping it’s the first. Take the hint from your body 🙂


    • Honestly, Ellie, I think it was both – being with Mum can be stressful, but once that was over, I had a whole 36 hours without a potentially traumatic experience! Wow, a day and a half!!! Considering the rapid-fire approach of the trauma demon recently, this seems like paradise. Yay!


  5. Just reading about catching a train into the city and walking around with people sounds exhausting to me so you did well to actually do it!


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