As Friday slides by …

… I’m particularly happy that this week is over.

I’m sad that it’s been another week of hard knocks.

I’m proud at the way I’ve dealt with them.

I  rejoice in the online community!

I celebrate the conversations my partner and I have had.

I mourn the loss of one professional relationship …

… and anticipate the beginning of another.

I’m angry about the way some people have treated me,

but I’m glad I could assert myself in those situations.

I’m disappointed some tasks remain unfinished,

but I am compassionate with myself, because life doesn’t always run to plan.

I’m tired.

I’m still moving forward!

… and that may be the most important thing of all.

❤ DB

Bleak; but this, too, will pass

Bleak; but this, too, will pass


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12 responses to “As Friday slides by …

  1. This post is lovely. You recognize the hardships and difficulties while acknowledging your own strength and achievements. These are very encouraging thoughts. Your positivity works as a reminder that though there is negative, there is also good. We can choose to realize both. Thanks!


  2. Wow!!! This could be a template for a weekly check-in with yourself.

    I hope you realize all of the things about this post that are amazing!


    • Um … now that you mention it, there are amazing things in there, aren’t there? To be honest, I hadn’t 🙂 That ability to not see the positive in ourselves and celebrate it can be deeply ingrained! At least, it is, in me. Most of the time.


      • YES! Great things in there! Signs of…dare I say it…mental health??? 🙂

        It’s like SuzJones’ post about reframing things. Of course it’s much easier said than done, but just look at all the healthy things you were able to process from your devastating week. Imagine if you were able to apply this perspective to a “good” week?!?

        I think we all need a cheerleader in our heads to do nothing but point out the positives. There are really so many good things to celebrate if we can only change our filters.


      • What I find interesting is how I can write a list of good things I’ve done, but not recognize them as such. Know it sounds weird …


  3. Thank you DB for all that you are and all that you have shown me.


  4. I love reading your posts. They remind me of myself, but more importantly, that there is, at times at least, light in the world.


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