Hope keeps springing

Basil Seedlings

Basil Seedlings

The picture didn’t come out too well, but these are my latest batch of basil seedlings. They keep pushing through, sometimes against the odds. I could’ve taken another shot, but this fuzzy pic seemed to capture the mood – will they make it? Will they not? They think they will, and they keep growing towards the light, no matter what obstacles lie in their path.

Sound familiar?


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15 responses to “Hope keeps springing

  1. hellokalykitty

    You can do it little basil seedlings !!!


  2. Does sound familiar, but here’s the thing: If you stop watering them, they won’t grown. If you don’t ensure that the soil in enriched, they’ll die. The basil won’t grow without your support; you’re a part of their development…


  3. The real question is: Would they still grow if they knew they would be obliterated and made into pesto? 🙂


    • That’s a very good question. Altruistic basil may be happy, *if* it could be sure all the pesto would be eaten, eliminated and returned to the earth. So I guess then philosophical basil would be glad, but only if it knew it would all be consumed, and not end up in landfill. Non-philosophical basil, on the other hand, strikes me as a very happy plant, regardless. In summary: if you’re basil, happiness is bliss, unless you’re philosophical, in which case you’re happy if you’re assured of total destruction. (?!)


      • I think you should eat the philosophical basil, but let the non-philosophical basil grow and thrive. Now spend the rest of the day trying to distinguish the two kinds. Some days it’s better to obsess over basil’s mental health than your own… 🙂


      • Thank you so much! Yes, that is definitely the only ethical way forward.
        Now, would it be unethical to provide my basil with a background in philosophy? Perhaps I should read to those little seedlings … because that wouldn’t be weird 😀


      • Read *and* play Mozart. Brings out the flavor! 🙂


      • Oh how I wish I could! I don’t dare listen to music at the moment – it’s too close to my heart – too close to opening up my heart, which leads me into danger territory. I miss music a lot, but I don’t feel I can take the risk of playing it right now, which I find quite sad. “Poor me” 😉 (even though I mean it, it’s no laughing matter)


  4. Yay. 🙂
    As you can tell, I am way behind on stuff lol


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