Can you steal a car race?

This weekend, Melbourne hosts the Formula 1 Grand Prix – a race they “stole” from Adelaide many years ago.

How do you steal a car race, you ask? Well, it depends who you’re speaking to. A Formula 1 fan from Melbourne would probably reply: “Of course you can’t steal a car race! They simply moved it from a lesser city to a greater one.” (Non-Australians may not be aware that Melbourne sees Adelaide as a bit of a backwater.) A Formula 1 fan from Adelaide might reply: “Too damned right you can! That bloody Kennett* and his government’s standover tactics!” (Non-Australians may not be aware that Adelaide harbours a chip-off-the-shoulder mentality towards Melbourne.) A non-Formula 1 fan from Melbourne might say: “What race?” and a non-Formula 1 fan from Adelaide would definitely say: “I don’t know or care how they did it, but when Melbourne stole the Grand Prix, they got exactly what they deserved!”Β 

Enough in-jokes about car races. Thinking about this today, I thought: where have I heard the word “stolen” a lot recently?

The answer was: in my own writing, on this blog. Hmmm.

I’ve talked a lot about what depression and anxiety have stolen from me; the problem with that language is that once something’s stolen, it’s generally gone – gone forever – and the victim is passive in the process.

This was a lovely, timely reminder to become active once more in reclaimingΒ those things which have been ‘taken’ from me.

So, thank you, noisy cars and blocked streets and inebriated tourists and multi-million dollar cost to the state’s taxpayers. You have invigorated me, re-energized me in my quest to regain my former quality of life.

Definitely worth it.


* Jeff Kennett was the Premier of the state of Victoria at the time the Grand Prix moved from Adelaide to Melbourne. He is famous, among other things, for creating Federation Square in Melbourne’s CBD, and making major cuts to the state education department while in office. He is currently the Chairman of BeyondBlue, a national initiative to raise awareness of anxiety and depression. I have heard some former state teachers say that this is a bit like putting a vampire in charge of the blood bank, but of course I would not have an opinion about that.


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11 responses to “Can you steal a car race?

  1. What a great thought to start my day. It occurs to me that maybe instead of thinking about what depression has stolen from me, I could think about what depression has *borrowed* from me. I just need to get it back, one little bit at a time. Simple, right? πŸ™‚


  2. I like seeing depression and anxiety as something outside of the Precious Self, for that cannot be stolen, and picturing them thieves works for that. On the the hand, even thieves give us opportunities to start anew, and different in a good way. I learned so much from those nightmare years, though I wouldn’t go back. We are incredible strong, we who have battled mood disorders.


  3. And V8 fans are grateful for a whole weekend of just V8’s in Adelaide now that the F1s are gone but cursing the fact this weekend only has a couple of demonstration races. lol


    • And bemoaning the traffic! At least, those who live in the leafy eastern suburbs whose commutes are so sadly interrupted … πŸ˜‰


      • Yes, we hear that every year when the Indy is on the Gold Coast.


      • What is this obsession with holding car races in the middle of cities? OK, economic benefits to the local businesses and everything, but surely outer suburbs could also use an economic boost?! A whole section of the CBD basically shuts down for a week in Adelaide because of the Clipsal. Ridiculous. (I’m obviously not a racing fan, so am a little biased; but I’m glad I don’t live there any more!)


      • And traffic chaos is caused on the coast. I think street racing adds challenge to the drivers and that is why they do it. The CBD just seems a natural decision I suppose. I can understand the frustration but I don’t understand my own mind some days let alone the minds of bureaucrats. πŸ˜›


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