Re-education: Silly Questions

My mood’s still somewhere below the Challenger Deep (over 10km beneath sea level; purportedly the lowest point on Earth’s surface) so I thought I’d take time out of my busy schedule to distract you, and myself, with some much-needed re-education.*

Reeducation Camp

Welcome to Re-Education Camp. Do you remember being told “there are no silly questions” at school, or during work training, or by a coach? Well, I’m here to say that, sadly, they were wrong. There are some silly questions, and the reason they are silly is that they don’t have answers, or don’t address issues which are ‘real’ – having real solutions in the real world.^

Here’s my list:

  • Why isn’t life fair?
  • Why do bad things come in clumps and bunches, instead of being meted out in a more measured way, a way I could cope with?
  • I know what I should do if I want my life to improve. Why can’t I do those things?
  • Why do some people have all the luck, while others remain obstinately luck-less?
  • Why is there so much suffering in the world?
  • Why can’t people just do the right thing?
  • Why, when I make a list of these questions waiting in a queue or stopped at traffic lights, can I come up with hundreds of these questions, but only seven spring to mind now?

Here endeth the re-education.


* I’m  joking. C’mon, let me blow off some steam with some humour!

^ No, I’m not going to explain what I mean by the word ‘real’. Make up something that amuses  you.


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12 responses to “Re-education: Silly Questions

  1. Things got posh around here! I like it.


  2. I think it’d be fun to answer your questions….they’re quite good…


  3. “I know what I should do if I want my life to improve. Why can’t I do those things?”
    I really wish I had the answer to that one…


  4. Ooh, ooh, pick me….pick me!!!!
    The answer to all of the questions is…………………..

    I’ll take my bows later. Oh, and I don’t expect a prize 🙂


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