My drug of choice: electronic valium

Shit day.

Could write about it but, you know, sometimes it’s best to let things simmer – or perhaps I should have said “settle”? – a while before going public; yes, even with you, my dear and kind readers.

So  instead I’m going to wax lyrical about the glories of electronic valium, aka TV.

OMG how I love TV. I was never allowed to watch anything except “Play School” as a child so it’s always been seen as a guilty pleasure.

Here’s a funny story: in my first professional job as a graduate, there was a woman I supervised who was almost ten years my junior. She hadn’t been to uni and had been working that whole time, so was pretty well sorted economically – buying her first home, etc. One night I had to stay back to give a presentation to the Board. I was complaining that I’d miss out on watching a show on TV.

She said: “Why don’t you record it?”

“I don’t have a VCR,” I replied. (Um, yeah … this was a few years ago.)

She was completely shocked. “You don’t own a VCR?”

“Not much point,” I smiled, “as I don’t own a TV.”

The thought that I might actually choose to go to a friend’s house to watch something I was particularly interested in shocked the lass, needless to say 🙂

Anyway, back to the present.

Today in group – before things went pear-shaped (a story for another day) – we were reviewing distress tolerance techniques for mild, moderate and severe distress. “TV” went on my sheet in each category. Um, yes, perhaps sometimes self-soothing or distraction becomes avoidance, but seriously: who cares? Who gets hurt by it? [Don’t answer that, hips.]

Give me a nice dose of escapism, or just pretty moving pictures on the screen, over a pill any day. Or, on really crap days like today, as well as a pill.

But I’m not going to think about today, oh no. Look, the ad break’s over, got to focus on the screen again ….       😉


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12 responses to “My drug of choice: electronic valium

  1. I like the term electronic Valium for TV! I think the ipad is my digital Valium. There are apps for everything, and you can even watch shows that you missed on it, so no need for a digital recorder.

    TV and ipad are my self soothing strategies. I enjoy anything papercrafts too. Time for My kitchen rules….


  2. Unless you’re addicted to Home and Away and then your stress levels will just go through the roof at their stupidity!


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