Ghosties and Ghoulies

I remember a prayer my mother taught me:

From ghosties and ghoulies

And long legged beasties

And things that go bump in the night,

Good Lord, please deliver us.

The ghosties and ghoulies which plague me now weren’t susceptible to prayer, and apparently require more than some years’ medication and psychotherapy to annihilate.

Still, today I am feeling upbeat, so I will submit a ‘mission report’ on the state of the war so far.

The Enemy Assessed

The aforementioned years of psychotherapy may not yet have vanquished the foe, but have certainly shed a great deal of light on the position, nature and number of the enemy forces.

Timely Strategic Withdrawals

Knowing the enemy and knowing myself has allowed me to judge when to push forward, and when to pull back. Even battles for the most dearly held goals are not fought every minute of every day. My troops are sometimes called upon to retire, in order to recover and regroup for the next foray.

Special Ops Training

I’ve marshalled my troops and put them through various courses to improve their skills: challenging negative thoughts; distress tolerance; self-soothing; interpersonal skills, and scheduling, to name a few.


Naturally, my troops require regular training to maintain their physical fitness. This helps them to remain ready for action and makes them more effective fighters.

Counting the Cost

By this, I don’t mean the bodies of my troops vanquished in skirmishes, but rather a realistic evaluation of what it is going to cost me to fight this battle. After all, every general needs a budget. The amount of time and energy I must spend to win the battle right now means other things in my life must take a back seat for a while. War requires sacrifice.

Troop Rotation

Not every strategy will win each skirmish; my soldiers must be prepared to be rotated on an as-needs basis. Specialist forces are sent in to overcome particular hurtles.

Supply Lines Secured

An army must be well-fed, and I am shoring up the supplies my troops need, which include community, friendship, peer support and, on occasion, chocolate.

Well, right now, my friends, it’s time for the troops to retire for some R&R in front of the TV screen.

Until next time,



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2 responses to “Ghosties and Ghoulies

  1. Brilliant! I’m glad you’re having a good day. 🙂
    P.S. That seems like the kind of prayer that would generate nightmares! 😉


    • Ha ha – I think it’s an old Scottish one. It sounds like something from the Highlands; they breed them tough up there!
      Not that my mother’s people were Scottish, they came from England, with a branch of the family in America.


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