thanks heart

It’s evening – 1858 as I start typing this post. I made it through today! Yay!

Today’s Big Bad Thing was a difficult conversation I had to have with the dearly beloved around my inability to work at present. That might sound like a small thing, but as I’m sure you’ll understand, we all have our triggers. He, as always, was pretty jolly awesome. ❤ Yes, I am extremely lucky. Neurotic, but lucky. Depressed and anxious, but lucky. Relieved, and lucky!

This evening I am grateful for the mental health community on WordPress and, in particular, all the wonderful people who helped me through today. It was a battle: my depressed and anxious mind twisted reality into a pretzel-shaped destruction tornado, but thanks to contact, supportive messages and conversations, I was able to get through the long hours until my S.O. came home.

Thank you. Thank you so much. You are treasures.

*     *     *

It seems to me that quite a few of us are going through rough patches at present. Are there ways we can support each other? Without falling into the trap of trying to fix each other? Perhaps a private, invite-only group on Facebook? Just an idea. Add your comments below or drop me at line at dysthymia dot bree at gmail dot com.  XX DB 


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22 responses to “Survived!

  1. I’m so happy that you got through it. I really, really am.
    Now breathe out….


  2. I made it too!! Thanks for the help!!!


  3. Congratulations on your survival. It’s no mean feat sometimes. ❤


  4. Glad to hear you made it through. I was a little worried about you after yesterday.

    Here is hoping you have a great day tomorrow!


  5. hellokalykitty

    ❤ I am happy you made it through. Relief is an amazing feeling 🙂


  6. Happy!!! We’re a strong lot, we who struggle with depression, but stronger still with friends who understand.


  7. You survived — yay! Yesterday, I told another person with depression to “remember: this is a survival game.” Just surviving an entire day is a difficult journey, and an accomplishment!

    I’m new to this community, but I personally would love a private Facebook group. I’m part of another for another issue and I’ve found it really wonderful.


  8. No such thing as luck…you obviously attract special people that you deserve to have in your life. Well done you


  9. Hey congrats on your day! I’m glad you survived through it (: I understand how hard getting to the end of the day can seem, but you made it, awesome! Hang in there girl


  10. So, so happy to hear you’re doing better! It’s like you only have that little bit of a cough after a severe bout of bronchitis – but you know it’s going away. Keep taking good care of yourself.


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