“Yesterday’s lazy cures today’s crazy.”

That’s a quote from the new episode of Modern Family I watched Monday evening. Gee, I wish it were true, because being quite (i.e. drastically) low I feel quite lazy – and plenty crazy!

What to do when you’re feeling so low? So out of options, lonely, isolated, afraid, hopeless? Why, you write a gratitude list, of course! Here goes:

  • Today I am grateful that I have been able to cry. (Weird one, I know, but profoundly depressed people will get it.)
  • Right now, I am grateful that I can access the internet and write this Gratitude List.
  • Shortly I will be grateful for the soup I made earlier. Home made soup: yum …
  • I am always grateful for Lois McMaster Bujold’s fiction. She is original and hilarious and thoughtful and wise and farcical and puts every word in its right place on the page.
  • Finally, I’m grateful to all the people who’ve taught me the skills I’ve used to get through today.

That’s about it. It’s a bit short today, but, you know … depressed. Oh! I just thought of something else! Tea:

Always grateful for tea

Always grateful for tea

I’m always grateful for tea.

Is there anything you’re grateful for today?


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18 responses to ““Yesterday’s lazy cures today’s crazy.”

  1. Today I am grateful that I am healthy and that I have a family who are there to love an support me. Today I am grateful that you wrote this post so that I had the chance to read it so I could realise what I have. Thank you 🙂


  2. eddieredvine

    What am I grateful for?

    TEA – I love my tea ❤ ❤

    I am British though 😛


    • Aussie with a high fraction of Brit ancestors! (bit of Scot, Irish and a hint of American too … and that’s just the bits I know about). Also, though I was born to Aussies and registered as an Australian at birth, I “popped out” in the UK so have a UK birth certificate. It’s a real pain in the butt filling out forms, because there’s no simple box for “born in the UK but registered an Australian citizen at birth”!


      • eddieredvine

        That sounds all complicated… And forms are crap at the best of times.

        I’m a Scottish/ Irish/ English/ Serbian/ French/ German…

        Yup – mongrel I am – but “British” on the certificate.


      • I love the way we’re living in such a patchwork world these days. Arthur C. Clark commented in one of his books that in a few centuries, very dark skin would be extremely rare, due to a mobile (and therefore interbreeding) population. I sort of like that idea – humanity merging again.


  3. I think it’s impressive of you to be able to sit down and write a gratitude list when feeling so low. ❤
    I hope the low eases and the gratitudes grow.


  4. Happy to see you outside and drinking tea 🙂 Today I’m grateful to be working from home. It’s given me just the space I needed to keep my mind.
    BTW, has no one told you that crazy is the new normal? We’re taking over the world….mwahahahah


  5. ocdjm

    I’m grateful for being able to work, friends, and family.


  6. I am grateful that today is Thursday (and one step closer to the weekend). I am grateful that we have opportunities to share and encourage each other also 🙂
    Have a good day today my friend. Try your hardest to find the beauty.


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