On surviving life’s ambushes

This is a piece I wrote as a guest post on Laney Dodson’s excellent blog, Laney Dodson: Inside the Mind of a Wannabe. It was written on Saturday 1 March and published on 3 March. If you enjoy this piece, head over to laneydodson.com and read other posts during her Victory Month!



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3 responses to “On surviving life’s ambushes

  1. Awesome guest post! Thank you again! And thanks for the link!


  2. As always friend: wow. Why is it so hard for me to read your posts and NOT cry? Truly. (I gave Laneydodson a follow too, anyone sharing your posts obviously is of a like mind!)

    One thing before I say anything: please please do not go back to work until you are definitely ready. I made that mistake only 30 days after a suicide attempt because we needed the money. It was a disaster, my managers were constantly having to cover for me and rush over to me when people asked me “‘Where were you? Were you on vacation? How’s school going?” Not even 2 weeks later, I ended up having to move in with my S.O’s parents until I was OK because I couldn’t cope. So don’t you dare, missy! You know it, I know it, take your time!

    I can sympathize way too much with that “numb” reaction… and yeah, that moment when you see something you could hurt yourself with when you are in that “numb” place… But wow are you strong to have handled it so well. You are so, so strong to have called the hospital and talked it through. I want to hug you right now just for that, what a huge victory!

    As always, I could rant on for quite a while for how much I sympathize, feel you, and want to encourage you. Be strong and keep being amazing!


    • Thank you so much *hugs* Just turned the laptop on and really needed the boost, right now.

      I won’t type much but just know that your support’s really very much appreciated. XXXX


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