Feel free to steal names, Pfizer.

Patti Walsh and I had a bit of fun with an A-Z of made-up names for psych meds. Enjoy! And feel free to add your own below!

Pop For the Unpopular

Video picked in honor of the Sonics show coming to town (First Avenue, Saturday, March 1)!

DysthymiaBree and I have had a little psych-med-naming party, A-Z, and this is what we came up with:

Anxietram, Buyatril, Conniptozil, Dozeoff, Eezigozit, Flippoutnot, Getagriptan, Havasmyl, Irritiquel, Justachil, Keepusane, Levelhed, Lietodoc (that was an extra L one), Motivatram, Negatarex, Obssesanal, Ozlandetol (that’s an extra one for if you are from Australia), Paniknot, Quietiapine, Restoradril, Sideffectoral. Trancealot, Unsurestyl, Vitalamax, Weepsorsize, Xtremecontrolomine, Yuroktome, Zonkulon

So I want a job naming drugs, and also naming paint colors, like dog barf mellow, and baby poo load.

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