Care Web

No person is an island, right? This morning, I’ve been reflecting on the “Care Web” we all exist in. This image came to mind:

Care Web

Care Web

Here are some of the strands of my care web which have been active in the last 24 hours:

  • A friend lost her brother to suicide yesterday morning. She received the news just minutes before our scheduled phone date, but still thought to call me to explain why she wasn’t able to talk, which I was very honoured by – there were other, more pressing demands on her time.
  • She is caring for the members of her family affected by this news (an international effort).
  • I am caring for her by reminding her to “fit her own oxygen mask first” (an interstate effort).
  • You, the WordPress community, have been caring for me by helping me with suggestions to boost my immune system – thank you!
  • I am going to begin some work with a refugee family this morning, supporting their kid’s education in English and maths.
  • My dearly beloved partner took care of various household chores yesterday when I was feeling poorly. (We have a clearly defined allocation of household tasks, so I appreciated him taking up the slack.)
  • I helped the dearly beloved with some tricky Excel stuff for his work.
  • I have, as usual, been tending my little garden …
  • … and my plants have given me great joy and a sense of peace in return.

I’m sure I could go on, but this has been a timely reminder that we are supported by a network of caring, a network which we can both contribute to and rely on as needed.

Is your care web in good working order at present?


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12 responses to “Care Web

  1. It is. Thank you for asking.
    And it’s been a rough couple of days too.


  2. My care web needs some work.

    Thank you for this.


  3. Visual diagrams confuse the hell out of me. 😛 I dunno why.
    I think mine is good…? Actually, I don’t think I have tended to mine in quite some time. Beloved and I live too much in our own island… it is something I’ve been definitely trying to work on. 😦


    • Yes, I’ve had to consciously tend mine these last few weeks. It’s very easy to lose touch, isn’t it? Our care webs are like gardens, that need tending.


      • Very true… It may be something that I need to write down. Honestly… writing things in list form seems to be the only way I can keep myself organized and from forgetting things… and people apparently. :/

        I felt horrible over the past few weeks: a good friend and co-worker’s S.O. had a return of his cancer, and I explicitly promised to text her every day until he came through. I broke my promise after 10 days and had to apologize. Now we hardly text each other. Ugh! Darn me and my memory…!!


      • I hear you. I went through this phase of setting reminders for everything on my phone … but then it was going off so often that I sort of got used to ignoring it, which meant that strategy wasn’t really working.
        I’m working in weekly blocks ATM, setting my “things to focus on” at the start of the week and emailing a list of “To Dos” through to a friend, with a check in at the end of the week. We’re only into week two, so we’ll see how that goes.
        It doesn’t help with the day to day remembering, though!


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