You learn something new every day …

… and here’s today’s tally:

  • facial massage – particularly with two fingers on the inner surface of the cheek and two on the outside – is really relaxing!
  • our government might just be stupid enough to attempt re-introducing Medicare co-payments
  • Words With Friends accepts the word CHRISTIAN but not JAIN. It also accepts the word ABO. These two facts demonstrate that (a) WWF exhibits religious imperialism*, and (b) it was not coded by an Australian.^

And, of course, each day comes with its set of lessons remembered:

  • time with friends is always well spent
  • peppermint tea is awesome
  • my mood can jag upwards as well as downwards
  • digging is great exercise.


* Jainism is an Indian religion, one of the oldest in the world

^ “Abo” is a derogatory term for an indigenous Australian, not used in respectful discourse


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12 responses to “You learn something new every day …

  1. eddieredvine

    Ahhh… Peppermint tea โค *puts kettle on*


  2. I’ve discovered an awesome tea from T2 called Ayurvedic Passion. It really is quite yummy.


  3. ocdjm

    I like the idea of a face massage but, cannot put someone else’s fingers in my mouth. OCD won’t let it happen. I might actually bite out of pure fear reflex.


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