I love the sound of that word, and I love its meaning – keeping someone or something from cold and exertion, to treat someone or something as an invalid.

I shall be coddling myself today.

Why? That bloody ear infection (as though being anxiously over-wound and depressed to boot weren’t enough!). I’ve been up for almost an hour and a half and my ear is absolutely killing me, despite taking two ibuprofen, and the world continues to spin if I move my head too fast, and I continuously feel nauseous. Today’s revised agenda: getΒ into comfy clothes, find a horizontal position, and fix my gaze on something which isn’t moving – such as the pages of a book, or the TV screen. My “To Do” list may not get a good workout.

I shall have to be very mindful of my self-talk, too. If I am giving the “To Do” list a rest, that’s because it is necessary to do so, and does not mean I am lazy or worthless or any other self-loathing adjective my creative mind can come up with. Perhaps I need to make a note to remind myself of this fact. Actually, I will … and I did. Here it is:

2014-02-18 06.41.34

If I do get on here and start rambling about how I’m no good, etc, feel free to jump down my throat with reminders of my frail state πŸ™‚

Be well, everyone. Coddle yourselves as necessary.


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15 responses to “Coddling

  1. Thanks for sharing. I need to work on this, big time. I hope you feel better soon. Hard for me to say because I beat myself up over this, but your to do list will wait and it doesn’t mean you are lazy or a failure. Take care of you before anyone or anything else.


    • Thanks so much Tammy. I really appreciate your comments – sounds like our minds work alike!
      I just called the coordinator of the group therapy program I was supposed to go to later this morning and she did the whole “Are you sure it’s not just anxiety?” thing. I said that might be possible, but I had been to see my doctor, who had put me on antibiotics πŸ™‚ So now I am once more a bit down on myself … but no, I have to stay firm: I am sick. End of story.


  2. It’s hard to give yourself a break, but sometimes taking a day prevents you from taking a week. I’m proud you wrote something down and stuck to it. Everyone needs days to do nothing. They say it helps the brain restore itself as well. And it sounds like you needed it – and how can you help anyone if you don’t help yourself first. Congrats on a job well done and deserved.


  3. ocdjm

    Take a day or two and try to get well. Nothing is so important that it can’t wait until you feel better. Hang in there, get well.


  4. I prefer cuddling to coddling. It implies a love that is so lacking in this world, dear. So this cuddle is for you. E


  5. Great note! Hope you feel better soon. xx


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