Mind tricks!!!

So, you know how anxiety and depression play tricks with your memory? Well, here’s a hilarious example I just had to share with you.

The dearly beloved and I are celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary this year. We have a bit of a competitive thing going, because some years one of us forgets, and it’s become a joke – who’ll remember? Who’ll forget?

Anyway, knowing it was approaching, last week I looked up the appropriate gift theme and learnt it was “copper and wool”. Huh?! Seriously?

So being strapped for cash but having a bit of time on my hands, I thought I’d weave a copper wire mesh, then decorate it with our initials intertwined around the number seven, all in coloured wool. Perhaps it sounds corny, but I thought it could work – a little piece of artwork he could hang in his study.

Right now, he’s at work, and I’ve been slaving away on this ‘masterpiece’, getting frustrated (it’s surprisingly difficult to weave even fine wire) and a bit stressed, and then it hit me … our anniversary’s on the seventeenth of MARCH, not February!

Gorblimey. I really need to rely more on my calendars and planners.

Now I can sit back and chill out for a while in peace … but don’t tell the dearly beloved 🙂 I wouldn’t want to give him a month’s warning about our anniversary!


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6 responses to “Mind tricks!!!

  1. At least you’ve got plenty of time to work on the copper/wool decoration now. You’ll be an expert by your anniversary!


  2. ocdjm

    I have done similar time mixups. Always makes me freak out and then laugh at myself.


    • Yes, it’s good when we laugh at ourselves, isn’t it? Ahhh … you know what? I even said, teasingly, “And you have a happy … day!” as he left for work, thinking I was being oh-so-witty. No wonder I got a strange look!


  3. this did make me laugh. everyone had blonde moments that everyone can laugh at! conrats on the upcoming celebrations! (next month)


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