Snippy and Scratchy

Oh bloody hell, I’ve done it again – the dearly beloved’s left for work with the sting of my irritability in his ears.

I tend to wake up snappy these days. Usually it’s not a problem, because I time my waking (6:30) to coincide with his leaving for work, so I can be sweet and loving as he heads out the door. Today he lingered for an extra half hour. I think that’s what undid me. I can manage niceness for a short snatch in the morning; no longer.

It’s not that he did anything wrong, really. He just made lots of noise and kept talking to me and wandering around picking things up and putting them down, as he prepared for work. He didn’t deserve my attitude. Unfortunately, I think he’s used to it.ย 

I used to be a true morning person. I’d wake up and instantly be me: on board with my plans for the day, cheerful, energetic, tolerant. This changed about ten years ago, perhaps a little longer. It’s my morning intolerance I find hardest to live with. I just want things to be easy in the mornings, as I shake myself free of sleep’s web and orient myself towards the day. I don’t want to put up with stupid questions, noise, unnecessary movement.ย ย Did my worsening depression cause my morning scratchiness? I don’t know. Perhaps it did: the timeline’s about right. Or maybe I’m some sort of super-long-cycling bipolar, with a decades-long cycle! ๐Ÿ™‚

When I was spending so much time in hospital last year, I developed a short phrase: “No conversation before calories!” which was my shorthand way of telling people not to bother sitting at my table or trying to speak to me until I’d eaten. Really, the eating was just a mask to ensure I’d downed sufficient cups of tea to make myself presentable to the world. Three’s the magic number, apparently. As not too many people on the ward were in the habit of getting up as early as I was, the populance was mostly safe from being snipped at.

Whatever has caused it, I’m sorry, and I wish I wasn’t this way. But, for goodness’ sake, don’t bother speaking to me until after my third cup of tea, unless you want your head bitten off. And as for the dearly ย beloved – well, sometimes I apologize, and he hasn’t noticed I’ve been mean to him. I hope today’s one of those days.ย 


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21 responses to “Snippy and Scratchy

  1. I don’t talk to anyone unless I’ve had my breakfast. Until then I’m “Mr. Grunty” as my Mom has dubbed me. I just grunt.


  2. hellokalykitty

    Lol, my kids make a joke “don’t even talk to mommy if she hasn’t had her coffee yet “. :/


  3. Ah, this I understand from the other perspective, because my love is like you in his anti-morning behaviour, although for him it really does seem to be to do with food.
    Probably because he’s been so well fed his whole life, the only time he’s skipped meals is by choice. (Which is rare)
    So, if he hasn’t eaten yet that day, I’m liable to piss him off with ANY sort of conversation. Worst of all anything that sounds like it might be a request, even if it’s just a request to know where he put away the oatmeal. I get the groggy-grouch beam full force.
    I’m not a morning person myself, but for me that just means I have low to no energy and a strong urge to trundle back to bed. Haha

    PS – Tea is awesome! What sort of tea do you drink? ๐Ÿ˜€


    • All sorts! Let me go to the pantry and count my varieties currently in stock … 18, predominantly black tea blends, then some herbals and some greens. My favourites are black varieties such as Russian Caravan, though you can’t go past a really good English Breakfast. I’m off Earl Grey right now, but I’m sure it will come back into favour again soon. Orange Pekoe, Gunshot Green, Jasmine Green Tea … all good stuff. Peppermint Tea. Camomile Tea. Love them both. Lived off them after lunch in hospital. You?
      PS: How did the hipster burn his lips? – He drank tea before it was cool! ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Ohh! That joke is deliciously hilarious, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud!
        I’m keeping that, it’s going in my book and being disseminating amongst all my tea drinking friends. XD

        Heh, well, I would consider myself a tea and ti enthusiast. — (the latter short for tisane)
        Because Michael’s favourite is Earl Grey we dink that the most often and have about 6 different varieties of it [Including a version made with green-tea that also has jasmine].
        We both also like lot of celestial seasoning ti’s bengal spice, tension tamer, english toffee. – Jasmine is one of my absolute favourite flavours in both green and black tea, so when I’m getting to choose the tea type, I often pick a jasmine sort. Or a very nice grassy tea like raspberry leaf or lemon-grass & rosebud. ^_^
        We’ve got a mini-armoire filled with teas, so you can probably imagine we have a lot of varieties. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  4. ocdjm

    I’m the same way. Can’t handle noise or talking until I get going. I tell my first hour not too much noise until I’ve had my coffee.


  5. eddieredvine

    I have a make-up artist friend whom I went to London with once and had the experience of learning to make a cup of coffee and hand it to them at arms length with a cigarette and to then be quiet as a mouse till both were consumed.

    I am a night owl, insomniac, but also a morning person, I do like peaceful starts to my morning but so does J so it works out.

    Eddie x


    • Awesome! I love that image – coffee and nicotine offered from a safe distance ๐Ÿ™‚
      I think I’ll become a morning person again someday. Just not tomorrow.


      • eddieredvine

        Well it is morning here – 0430 to be exact – and you seem to be in relatively good spirits… Mission accomplished on technicality ๐Ÿ™‚


      • ๐Ÿ™‚ sounds good to me! As I type this, it’s 1651 here. Nearly there …


      • Sorry to barge in on this thread but I was just wondering how Thursday is, or if I should just skip it. ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • Not too bad. Pall of smoke over the city, so with each breath we’re breathing in tiny particles of someone’s home. Humid, but no rain yet, though it has rained at my folk’s place about 800km west of here, and we usually get their weather 12-18 hours later. Gym was very hard today, but I avoided a coronary. Became quite anxious / depressed when the dearly beloved – who’s on a selection panel at work – let me know there had been 98 applicants for a 10 month vacancy; there’s a lot of unemployment out there. Apart from that, I’m just doing the numb thing and avoiding triggers!
        Hope Wednesday ended OK Stateside ๐Ÿ™‚


      • It went out like a lamb. When the sun went down the temperature went up, it kept raining so a lot of the ice melted. Now we have high winds off the ocean knocking down ice weakened branches, falling on cars and electrical wires. The ice earlier in the day did take me out of my usual Wednesday routine. I normally go to a mental health peer support group and I missed it today. I get a lot out of that group. Talking face to face with people on a very personal level. I think almost everyone who attends finds it very useful. It’s supposed to be warmer on Thursday, so I have to pick up a couple of prescriptions and go grocery shopping.


      • Good luck! Ugh, ice on roads. Don’t envy you.


  6. I can’t even converse without a cigarette or two and some sort of morning drink (usually just decaf coffee) so I totally understand. I’m sure he understands too.


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