Recommended viewing for anxiety sufferers

I love “The Middle”, a sitcom about a mid-west American family just muddling through life, or, as Channel 99 describes it:

The daily mishaps of a married woman and her semi-dysfunctional family and their attempts to survive life in general in the city of Orson, Indiana.

Just caught up on episode 10 of series 5 (“Sleepless in Orson”). Brick develops a spate of irrational fears, and eventually finds a weay to cope with them. Given my post this morning about anxiety, it was timely viewing. I’d highly recommend it for anyone who suffers from anxiety!

Here’s the link for Australians:

Others – I’m sure you’ll find it somewhere, if you go looking 🙂


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13 responses to “Recommended viewing for anxiety sufferers

  1. I also love “The Middle” Here it is on every night\morning at 1:30 am so I usually watch it as I’m getting ready to fall asleep. I like Brick and Sue.


    • They’re awesome, aren’t they? I’m so pleased to find someone else who loves that show! It completely cracks me up 🙂 If you described it to me, I’d probably say, “doesn’t sound like my cup of tea”. Completely addicted. Have the first four series, and when things get really bad I go all the way back to series one, episode one and start watching (or just listen while I knit or whatever). I think maybe I like the show because they’re such battlers – and I’ve become a battler – not from choice, though! (Do you have this word “battler” over there?)


      • No, “battler” doesn’t sound familiar to me. But I looked it up in Wikipedia, and I know what you mean.


      • Let me check that Wikipedia has it right … yep, that’s about it! The “Aussie battler” is a phrase you hear bandied around a lot around election time. This is why I love compulsory voting – those in power are forced to woo the underdogs as well as the more socially connected. Not that any of us really trust politician’s promises, anymore, except the minor parties who famously promised to “keep the bastards honest”!


      • I guess that makes me a battler, but I have a problem defining myself like that, not that I don’t want to be a battler, it’s that most people who would look at me would define me as upper-class. I live in an upper-class neighborhood, with my parents (I’m 43). I drive an upper-class car (BMW that I bought 6 years ago when I was making money). What they don’t see is that I am on Social-Security Disability and I have Medicare for my health insurance. I have a very small budget and I have to keep to it every month. That’s simplifying it a lot. I’m very sensitive to being held to the upper-class stereotype. (Sorry, don’t know where that came from)


      • All good 🙂 I don’t think any of us have simple stories


      • I think I spelled simple once —– YAY!! I did it twice :0


  2. I like The Middle too. My favourite character is Sue. I actually really admire her fashion sense and she has a cool personality.


    • She’s just gorgeous 🙂
      I couldn’t really say who my favourite character is. I love Frankie’s cynical, pragmatic take on life, and Mike’s stoicism. Axl would be a pain in the arse to have around. Sue is, well, Sue, and Brick’s character is delightful too – a wise head on a quirky little body.
      I think my favourite, in this moment at least, is Brick, because without him the show would be something quite different – also I have a nice with Aspberger’s so can relate to his tics and quirks, and also with his family’s normalizing of something way beyond the pale of normal!


      • I like Brick too, he’s very quirky indeed. The actor who plays him has a bone disease which makes his bones really weak and he’s actually a lot older than the character he plays. Axl is annoying but he has his moments where he can be sweet. Frankie and Mike are the perfect balance for each other.


  3. I love the mom’s unwavering love for her kids no matter how quirky they are. One of my faves was when Axl goes to college and never talks to his mom but is constantly talking to his Dad. I KNOW i am going to be THAT mom. ha


    • Oh yes! He can be a bit of a ratbag! One of my favourite scenes is when Sue has broken up with Darren, after Axl and Darren had the fight backstage at the band’s gig, and Axl was kind to Sue in a very roundabout way. So teenage boy …


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