Black Psych Ward Humour: TV Shows

Just back from visiting a friend in hospital, where we entertained ourselves coming up with psych-ward-flavoured TV show names. I’ve had some time on the way home to enlarge the list. Enjoy! And please feel free to add your own shows in the comments section below:

  • Desperate Inpatients
  • Crazy Housewives
  • Perfect Zap
  • My Ward Rules
  • The Biggest Crazy
  • Home is Away
  • Neighbours Roommates
  • Who Wants To Be An Outpatient?
  • Wheel of Medications
  • The Good Nurse
  • CSI: Kitchenette
  • Law and Order: ICU
  • A Current Affair
  • Scooby Dopamine
  • Happy Days 
  • Doctor Where-are-you
  • Star Trek: Introspection 
  • Two and a Half Xanax
  • CHarmed
  • Sedation Street
  • Med Key Hunters


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14 responses to “Black Psych Ward Humour: TV Shows

  1. Haha these are awesome! I especially love Home Is Away. I’ll see if I can come up with any… hrm…. maybe My Medication Rules?


  2. freddy

    I can’t help but join in (forgive me)…

    1.Syringe Is The New Black
    2. House of Charts
    3. Breaking Sad
    4. Welcome Back, Cutter
    5. Gilligan’s Episode
    6. How I Met Your Other
    7. It’s Always Cloudy In Philadelphia
    8. Who’s Borderline Is It, Anyway?


  3. freddy

    Agreed. Truly inspired.


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