Today’s Gratitude List

I have so much to be grateful for. Here’s today’s list:

  • My partner. He ain’t perfect, but he’s pretty damn fine! Seriously, most of all, I appreciate his common sense. It’s a hugely underrated quality.
  • My therapist. Another gruelling session this afternoon, but frightfully revealing.
  • The fact that I have space for a garden, no matter how small or humble.
  • Good food. Can’t beat it.
  • Fans. We’re gazing down the throat of a mini-heatwave. Thank you, electricity!
  • A medication regime which is working. OK, it’s hard to lose weight (all the weight I put on last year), but even that’s coming off, because the meds make it possible to overcome the depression/anxiety blocks to exercising and eating well.
  • The WordPress mental health community. I love you guys – you’re diverse, informative, inspiring and compassionate.



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6 responses to “Today’s Gratitude List

  1. I love this list. It is inspiring. I have a wonderful partner as well. And I have plants growing inside the house which is phenomenal this ferocious winter where I live. Losing weight – that is on my list to work on and hoping when I finally get back on medication that it will help.


  2. I’m grateful to you for your sharing and openness. Hope you are able to stay cool!


    • Thanks! We moved from a warmer place to where we live now and stupidly didn’t get a place with airconditioning 🙂 but luckily, this heatwave is short, and mitigated by a cool day in the middle. I think we’ll be fine.


  3. I love that you are putting down your gratitudes. It sets a positive mood and outlook for the day. I started doing the same in a personal journal of mine and it’s very helpful. Thank you for sharing with us!


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