Depression Goggles

I’ve named these in a few comments recently, but decided it was time to put the moniker into a more permanent setting: depression goggles – the skewed way we view the world when we’re depressed.

Here are some examples of depression goggles at work in my life recently:

  • I have a really good friend with whom I usually have a “phone date” with each weekend, usually for about an hour. She has been away overseas, so we hadn’t chatted for ages. I developed this irrational fear that she would not want to continue our “phone dates” when she came back.
  • My partner and I had a talk the other week and sorted out our finances for the year, deciding that we could get by if I only work enough hours to make a certain amount of money. He made a joke about it the other day, and I was gripped by anxiety about our finances, and whether he really had meant what he’d said. It took a second D&M to sort that anxiety out.

People talk about beer goggles which, well – I’m sure I don’t need to explain beer goggles to you! Perhaps I can use the phrase “depression goggles” to help my non-depressed friends understand more fully what I’m living through, or how I may have misinterpreted something they’ve said/done.

On a completely different note, I had lunch last weekend with a very dear friend who’s older than me. I realized that I have always sought her approval – but also that I have always experienced her as a “rose tinted mirror” – she reflects back the best of me.

What are your experiences with “depression goggles”? And do you have any “rose tinted mirror” people in your life?


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6 responses to “Depression Goggles

  1. eddieredvine

    I have a friend that I text when I feel awful. She always makes me see my good points so she is my ‘rose tinted mirror’ although I’m usually more self deprecating and needing reassurance than mirrored.

    Ah the goggles. I have them. Madam msd brain wears them. For example I was editing photos of products I made for my little online shop and I literally took a 1 minute break to let my arm rest and suddenly there is the ‘what’s the point? No one is going to buy these’

    So Yup! I know exactly what you mean! Xx


    • Thanks! There’s comfort in a shared experience. Now, forgive my ignorance, but could you explain “Madam msd brain” for me?
      And tell me a bit more about your little online shop? Perhaps I can do some gift shopping or something …? And didn’t you mention a possible YouTube channel a little while ago – did you decide to go ahead with that? Or is it still on the backburner, which is absolutely fine, of course! (Gee now I’m sounding very much like my mother in full on interrogation/nagging mode! Sorry!)


  2. eddieredvine

    Lol! It’s ok. Interrogation is fine 🙂 it should of read “madam bad brain” she is the part of me that causes all my anxious thoughts. I don’t know why I call her that.

    My little shop… I can’t really link to unfortunately as this is as close to anonymous as I can get and my website discloses my identity. Sorry 😦 I would love to show you as well.

    I did mention a youtube channel. Then I ‘broke’ my arm. So it is on the back burner for now. As soon as the arm is better though.

    E xx


    • I totally get the anonymous thing! Anyway I don’t have megabucks to spend, as you know 🙂
      Just saw on the news that Australia spends even less on welfare than the United States and the United Kingdom, as a percentage of GDP. This is unbelievable; I had always thought we were among the more supportive of nations. Naturally, our conservative government is thinking of slashing welfare payments. Funny how it’s always the less fortunate who get targeted for budget cuts! This is precisely why I believe in compulsory voting for those over 18: so even moronic governments have to pay some sort of lip service to the poor and disenfranchised.
      Here endeth the rant.


  3. Ahh depression goggles. They’re the same ones that when you see two people talking at work who happen to glance your way make you believe that they are talking about you.


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