Death By Exercise

*gasp* back from the gym

*gasp* purple in the face

*heave* just going to … lie down … a moment … *flop*

You can’t actually die of a coronary after the exertion’s finished, can you?

So, I am back from my today’s PT sessions at the gym. I’m probably not actually dying; in fact, there’s a good chance I might survive. Provided I do, the rest of the day’s looking pretty rosy.

I started personal training late last year when the fog began to lift from the worst of my depression. I have been quite fit in the past, half-marathon fit; but a series of medication changes last year, and plenty of time in hospital, meant I lost a lot of cardiovascular fitness and gained a lot of weight. A lot of weight. I tend to dress to hide it, and when I told my PT how much I weighed today, he didn’t believe me! Perhaps he’ll go a bit easier on me now – after all, when I do a pushup or lift my bodyweight on the rings, I’m actually lifting a lot more than he thought I was. (He won’t go easier on me. That’s just I’m-puffed-out fantasizing.)

I put myself through these intensive workouts because I know it’s the only way I’ll actually improve my fitness. I need to lose a lot of weight, and the sooner I do it, the better; but I’m educated and experienced enough to know that fad diets won’t do the trick – it takes lifestyle change and, unfortunately, a long slow decrease in bodyfat.Β Knowing I have to front up to the gym twice a week and be flogged by the PT makes me get on the exercise bike between sessions – not because I want to, because even reading New Scientist being on the exercise bike is boring, but because I know it will make the next session less traumatic on my poor battered body.

The other reason for going for intense workouts is – you guessed it! – the endorphin rush. It takes a little longer to arrive after being worked to a blubbering wreck, but – oh yeah baby – here it comes now. Can’t beat it. That’s the stuff! Yeah, I’m a junkie πŸ™‚ We all have our vices.

So now I can sink into a self-righteous glow of well-being for the rest of the day. I know my anxiety will be less, my mood won’t be as low, and I’ll probably sleep better tonight. Guess what? I didn’t even have a panic attack at the gym today! “Everything’s coming up Millhouse.”

Hope you’ve been able to fit some physical activity into your schedule today.


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11 responses to “Death By Exercise

  1. Wow, nice! I’ve never been brave enough for a trainer. I’ve started going to yoga almost daily, but I think it’s going to take running and/or swimming to get back to my half-marathon shape. I just saw a photo of me crossing the finish line as I was cleaning. What a high!


    • Yay! πŸ™‚ I guess for me there were two main factors in deciding to get a trainer: (a) I knew my motivation was going to be a huge inhibitor, coming out of such a deep depression; and (b) I was able to find a good one at a cheap rate (through the local YMCA). What I like best about him is that he gets the whole mental health thing – or, at least, if he doesn’t get it, he does a good job of hiding it πŸ™‚ He doesn’t wig out if I start having a panic attack. It’s actually quite impressive, in someone so young.


  2. Ummm no. I haven’t. But you’re right, I should.


  3. I went to the gym today too! It really does help with anxiety – the endorphin rush and all. It’s even better when you start to notice you’re losing weight.


    • Sure is! Nothing like small wins, in the anxiety stakes or the weight game.
      I’m usually a numbers girl, but I’m actually choosing to stay off the scales at the moment. It’s a little experiment in being more in tune with the process than the outcome. It’s interesting to me that I’m maintaining motivation in exercise even without stepping on the scales … and even though, in general, I’m fairly low energy and unmotivated this week.


  4. Good for you. The hardest thing is starting, and you’ve done that! I totally support you and every gasp you let out.


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