The Good Stuff

Inspired by Kamryn’s post, here’s a list of good things in my life right now:

  • The weather is lovely – not too hot, not too cold
  • The dearly beloved is on holidays – yay!
  • As summer holidays draw to a close, some decent shows are coming back onto TV
  • I’ve triumphed over procrastination – for now 🙂
  • I look as though I’m losing weight (staying off the scales for a while; sometimes a number isn’t as important as an action)
  • Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday, and I’m very happy with the present I bought and sent her
  • My achilles tendon, which had indeed been my Achilles Heel last year, is completely healed
  • I find the blogoverse to be full of kind and supportive people (thank you!)
  • The garden is looking good, having mostly recovered from last week’s heatwave
  • And, let’s face it, I’m not in a trough of depression right now.


Hope there’s plenty of good stuff in your life right now, too.


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9 responses to “The Good Stuff

  1. 🙂 reading this post made me mentally flick through the good things of my day. So thank you for sharing


  2. What a wonderful list! Especially that last point. 🙂


  3. Glad my list inspired you! Yours is great. It’s so important to take a breath every now and then, and to look around at what’s working in favor of your happiness. Take care!


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