The Blahs; and Pasta with Fresh Basil

Another low energy day today.

I’m not feeling too bad, emotionally, just numb – but  physically I have very little energy. Hypersomnia is the name of the game. Actually, that sentence isn’t quite accurate: I’m wearing my depression goggles! I did get on the exercise bike for two 20-minute sessions earlier today; I made sure my sister’s birthday present was mailed, so it will arrive the day before her birthday; I sorted out groceries for the week, and spent some time in the garden.

Then I napped for an hour and a half.

Dinner needed to be simple and at least vaguely nutritious, so pasta dressed with olive oil and fresh basil straight from the garden was the order of the day. With just a dash of salt – I know I shouldn’t, but a tiny bit won’t hurt 😉

So, this has been an exciting post, hasn’t it? Sorry, thrillseekers! I guess this is just my truth for today. It hasn’t been a bad day, just a day of the blahs.

Things could be worse.


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11 responses to “The Blahs; and Pasta with Fresh Basil

  1. we seem to be in the same boat today. hope tomorrow we both have more spark.


  2. “Depression goggles” I like that. 😉


  3. I’ve got the blahs today. It’s raining and I’ve only been up for an hour or so but I am so tempted to crawl back into bed.


  4. An honest post if there ever was one! My dinner was leftovers – so you showed much more energy than I did!


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