Hoarding, Depression, and Anxiety: Linked?

Just wondering, folks: do you find that depression and anxiety are linked with hoarding?

Hey, I’m going to try one of these poll things. First time for everything!


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3 responses to “Hoarding, Depression, and Anxiety: Linked?

  1. eddieredvine

    Or at least puting un-needed emotional attachment onto silly things…


    • Yes! I don’t consider myself a materialist – I literally can’t remember the last time I bought new clothes (all slave labour, anyway; op shop chic is just fine!) and a ten year old car suits me just fine. But I *do* really love some of my stuff. My phone. My palm tree. My umbrella tree. My laptop.
      Ah yes, my laptop … freaked out completely when I put it in to get a new fan and it came back working super slow. Nothing like flipping out in the middle of a shop. Uber dignified.


  2. Hoarding in the OCD sense certainly has links to anxiety, but I somehow thing you mean in a different direction.
    Depression seems to make people ‘give up’ on getting rid of things or dealing with things, and anxiety seems to paralyze people into not acting, which includes not getting rid of stuff… So all you need for people who can’t seem to get rid of stuff to become hoarder is for them to actually continue to acquire stuff.

    I have a bit of this problem, though I don’t acquire many new things, I have a whole lot of stuff which I was saddled with that I have really struggled dealing with/getting rid of because it’s not really mine (even though it is now) which makes my usual standard of ‘just don’t mess with others things’ go wacky, because I have to, they are in my space and the people they belong to either can’t or won’t deal with them.

    ….I have an added problem that I grew up with a hoarder, so while I hate having too much stuff, I’m always cringing waiting for the fight the second I go to bin something or give it away. Or thinking it’ll come back anyways (as was so often the case) Old habits…
    Hopefully though, when I finally get rid of this shite it’ll be easier, I’m just trying to motivate myself to do it. Then at least it’ll all be *my* junk, and that’s easier to give away/trash.


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