Lessons from a Heatwave

I’ve tried not to whinge too much, but regular readers will be aware we’ve been sweltering through a heatwave down here in south-eastern Australia. Apart from deciding that heatwaves and depression have some features in common, here are some lessons I’ve learnt about heatwaves this last week:

  • No matter where you live in Australia, these days, you’ll actually need airconditioning at some stage (not just want it – need it!)
  • Heat addles the brain and confounds the body. I have one friend who thrives in these conditions. The rest of us go … awoeirhoaehfasehias (our brains turn to porridge)
  • Before the next heatwave arrives, I need to have a list of things the dearly beloved and I can do to escape our heatbox of a home and get cool for a few hours. (I wasn’t properly prepared this time round; I think the depression didn’t really help – a pre-existing inclination to do not much doesn’t exactly inspire you to get your act together to go out!)
  • We also, if we can afford it, need to get some way of actually cooling the bedroom so sleep is more likely.
  • Lying under a fan with a wet teatowel draped over your body works really well as a cooling mechanism. Until the teatowel dries out and gets sweaty!
  • As with all things, heatwaves, too, come to an end. Hallelujah.

To all of you who were kindly willing cool air my way – thank you, it’s arrived 🙂 Hope the warm air I tried to send you from my livingroom helped take the chill off your wintered bones.

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