On Heat and Stoicism

It occurred to me this morning that a heatwave is like a major depression: unpleasant, unrelenting, and – if you are not fortunate enough to have airconditioning – somewhat inescapable.

Having said that, I must admit I am proud of the way I have managed myself during these last few days.

The temperatures have been quite warm: today, for example, it will be 44 degrees Celsius where I live (111.2 Fahrenheit). The nightly minimums have also been fairly high, for example, 28 Celsius (82.4 Fahrenheit).

I’ve just been kicking back, relaxing into the heat, and counting down the days until it’s over. Thankfully, the Bureau of Meteorology have been predicting a cool change for the end of the week, and the timing of its arrival has not been pushed back. Knowing there is relief in the near future makes the heat so much easier to handle.

I’m sure there are ‘lessons of analogy’ which can be drawn between this experience and one’s experience of depression, e.g.:

  • Always remember that this, too, will pass
  • Railing against the injustice of these conditions won’t actually improve them
  • Adjusting your expectations of yourself daily, to match the ambient conditions, is both wise and conducive to well-being
  • While you’re enduring an extreme of one type, someone, somewhere, is enduring an extreme of another nature
  • Do what you can to relieve your symptoms
  • When all else fails, fall asleep. When you wake, the coming relief will be that much nearer
  • Don’t make big decisions while you’re in the throes of a particularly bad episode. (For instance, this morning, me – the anal retentive “I always get my medications right” woman – took some evening medications in the morning … oops! Looks like my siesta might be coming earlier than usual today!)

To friends and readers here in Australia, I hope you and yours are safe and well. To those in the midst of a cold snap, believe me – if I could send you the warm-air contents of my livingroom to comfort you, I would!

And to us all: whatever today brings, let’s determine to laugh, not take ourselves too seriously, and if things get really bad, shrug our shoulders and say “such is life”.

And then laugh again … because laughing is good.


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8 responses to “On Heat and Stoicism

  1. Fantastic advice. Pushing some cool(er) air your way.


  2. Ha! I’ve been meaning to write a post about how the ice storm we had at Christmas resembled depression. Stay tuned! 😉


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  4. Love the comparrison, very accurate!


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