The Day After Tomorrow

It’s about a month since I’ve published a post. Things got pretty bad there for a while, as mentioned in Today and Yesterday. Unfortunately, when I go down, I can go down hard and fast!

I am  so happy to be in a better place, and well enough to be writing again. I had another medication change, back to a previous medication regime, and am feeling much better. The fact that the right medicines can  lift my depression is reassuring on many levels, one of them being a reaffirmation that my depression has a strong biological foundation – so it really isn’t my fault. (Yes, yes, of course it’s not my fault – but that’s one of my personality traits: blaming myself for things beyond my control.)

I’ve titled this post “The Day After Tomorrow” because it was that sort of thinking which got me through that last black phase. Feeling suicidal is just awful, yet, as I’ve demonstrated, reaching out and finding the right help will pull you through the darkness and back into the light.

Sometimes hope is an action, not an emotion. If you’re feeling very low, please remember this. You don’t have to feel hopeful to pick up the phone and ask for help; you simply have to – well, pick up the phone, and ask for help. That’s all. It’s that simple.

And once you’ve found the right sort of help, perhaps you’ll be able to feel alive again. I do, and it’s pretty awesome !


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8 responses to “The Day After Tomorrow

  1. Good to hear that you’re in a better place. X


  2. eddieredvine

    This makes me happy. Thinking of you. E x


  3. I’m not. Sadly, cricket leaves me cold. Rugby on the other hand…


    • Ah! Well, the Poms certainly taught us a few lessons yesterday afternoon 🙂 It was pretty great cricket. I think Clarke may have been a little arrogant, sending them in to bat first (Clarke? Arrogant? Really?!). I must admit I no longer follow rugby, though I used to when I lived in NSW and it was the state’s footy game.


  4. Very happy that you’re in a good place and that you’re back. I was starting to get a bit worried.


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