Today’s Gratitude List

thanks heart

Yesterday I posted my list of “beefs” with the world – a list of grumbles, both global and local. I kept it brief 🙂 I think, in order to balance that post, I owe the blogosphere a gratitude post. So here goes:


  • The penetration of social media into so much of our world gives the otherwise powerless a voice. Yay!
  • Travel being so much more accessible than it was a century ago – or even fifty years ago! – means more of us are given the opportunity to get a first-hand understanding of other peoples and cultures.


  • The political satirists and cartoonists who manage to make me laugh at our new government’s blunderings.
  • Our healthcare system. It certainly isn’t perfect, but it’s way better than many other countries.


  • The chick who brings in not only her bins but everyone else’s in neighbouring units. Oh, right, that’s me. Should be more of it. (More of it that doesn’t involve me, every week, every time!)
  • Friends, near and far, who understand; and, when they don’t understand, don’t give up on me. Especially, this week, my purple-haired friend who has proved herself time and time again to be an angel in human garb. (Hope she reads this post!)

May you all find something to be grateful for today.

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