What’s your beef?

Rwandan Cow


So … yesterday my post was inspired by this picture of a Rwandan cow. The question I posed at the end, an alternate inspiration, was: “What’s your beef?”

Well, since you asked (and yes, I know  you didn’t, but anyway …) here’s my list of grumbles:


  • Slavery, child and otherwise. For example: why don’t more big labels come out with fair trade clothing? Because it would cut their profit margins, that’s why. Yay vintage and op shopping!
  • Climate change denial in the face of overwhelming evidence. Seriously?


  • Persistent misogyny in our society. Yep, we hardly even  notice it, do we?
  • Mental health services in rural and regional Australia: inadequate.
  • Insurance companies: mean, and headache-provoking.
  • Vegetarianism. Should be more of it. Or, at least, part-time carnivorism.


  • Guess what the latest public asset up for sale in my state is? The city’s port. Yeah, that’s forward thinking.
  • The rude woman on my street who pisses the rest of us off.
  • TV stations changing their advertised schedules at short notice.


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