What’s your cow?

Rwandan Cow

This is a picture of a Rwandan cow, taken during a visit in 2006.

Cows are precious in Rwanda, as in many other African nations/peoples.

I was looking at this picture today, and the thought popped into my head: “What’s your cow?” In other words (and, remember, I was talking to myself) “What’s most important to me, right now?”

“Well, duh,” I answered myself (and we all know what that means!). “Getting my mental health back on track is probably the highest priority in my life right now.”

From that will follow all the other things: physical health; the capacity to work again; improved relationships; quality of life; a return to financial security; etc … you can fill in the rest of this list.

Then another thought occurred to me. You could look at the same image and ask a slightly different question: “What’s your beef?”

But that’s an answer I’ll give another time …


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3 responses to “What’s your cow?

  1. Heehee. 🙂 Most important to me is rediscovering energy and enthusiasm. Which is just another way of saying that I, too, hold my mental health most precious at the moment.
    (How exciting that you’ve been to Rwanda! I love to travel….)


    • Yes, it was quite an experience! If you want to see some pretty amazing sociology, let alone forgiveness, visit a nation ten years after a genocide … Just don’t get held up at the airport when a bunch of fundamentalist christians from Sydney jump the queue.


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