I’ve got a theory…

… that my anxiety levels are going down, but I am  more depressed than in the last little while.

I was pretty meticulous about the housework for a while: since I am not working, for once, I could stay on top of things. Lately I just don’t care.

The not-caring extends to other areas of life, too, such as not being bothered to wash my hair as frequently as usual.

Then again, maybe I’m just obsessing about my mental health.

Time will tell.

I’m sure this reads as a pretty banal, boring post. I guess that’s how I feel right now – banal, boring, bored.

And tired.

And wanting “things to be the way they used to be” – but things can’t ever be the way they used to be, can they? There’s no going back. Only forward. Which would be fine, if I knew where forward lead.

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