A Reading from “Listening to Depression”

I am loving this continued discussion on the place depression can have in our lives, the meaning it can add to our living. Here is the next installment from depressedbuthopeful. Enjoy!

Journalling through Depression

As part of my one week challenge, I’m trying to do more in terms of self-help. Today I chose to read the first chapter of a book I own, Listening to Depression: How Understanding Your Pain Can Heal Your Life by Lara Honos-Webb, PH.D (2006). I picked this book purely because it’s the thinnest self-help book in my collection, but coincidentally, it ties in very well to a discussion held by my fellow bloggers.

DysthymiaBree initiated the discussion with the post, “Do You Think There’s an Upside to Depression?” My first inclination was to agree wholeheartedly: depression just sucks. Another blogger, Nicole Parish, answered the call for thoughts with a post entitled “Dearest Depression, How Great You Actually Are“. She doesn’t argue that depression is good, but she does manage to find five good side effects that have resulted from her experience with depression.


Listening to…

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