It’s a new day

One of the healthiest things a depressed person can do is wake up in the morning and say to themselves: “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling good.” (After all, there’s no harm in adopting a “fake it until you make it” philosophy to your morning affirmations!)

I had a bad night – poor sleep, nightmares, you know the drill. What reminded me to say to myself “It’s a new dawn, etc” was, of all things, the top-notch political analysis TV show I always watch on Sunday mornings.

In Australian politics at the moment, and for the last little while, there’s been a great emphasis on looking backwards – who said what and when – rather than forwards, with our leaders asking “What’s the most constructive thing we can do for our nation, right now?”

Observing this, I realized I was looking backwards to my horrible night, instead of forwards to the promise of today.

Who would’ve guessed that watching political analysis would actually improve one’s mood?! 🙂

“Freedom  is mine – and I know how I [want to] feel!” Thank you, Nina.

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  1. Listening to Nina Simone as I read your blog. Spooky coincidence…


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