Back in the Pool

Exercise is great for depression and mental health in general. We all know it – and if we don’t know it, there’s a wealth of research out there to help convince us.

My exercise ‘drug of choice’ is running: long, slow, sweeping kilometres, piled one atop the other, the creaks greased out after the first few k’s and the endorphin rush following thereafter.

However, because I’ve put on such a huge amount of weight in the last year, my ‘drug of choice’ is denied me – it would not be sensible to run at the moment, especially as I continue to recover from an Achilles issue.

So: I have turned to the pool; or, rather, I have returned to the pool.

I started a week ago today. Finding, to my dismay, that my local pool is a 25m one (making a round kilometre 40 laps rather than the less mentally wearing 20, as in a 50m pool) I nonetheless set myself the kilometre target, and rediscovered the joy of … well, simply swimming. It did take a bit of “just do it” attitude to expose my overweight body in a swimsuit, but settling into the remembered rhythm was worth it.

After a week I’m finding that my post-swim body feels different to my post-run body. I don’t go hell-for-leather, so there’s no need for dramatic stretching, and I feel nicely weary all over, instead of in isolated muscles.

So if you’re at home, wondering whether it’s worth trying, or trying again – my answer is a resounding “yes”!

Enjoy X


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13 responses to “Back in the Pool

  1. I haven’t been seen in a swimsuit for, er, about thirty years!


  2. That’s great! I’ve been wanting to get back to swimming too. A kilometre is a wonderful length for a swim. Because a km of swimming is a lot more work then a km of running! Happy swimming!


    • Thanks! It felt great, too … I know I’m sounding a bit evangelical, it’s not like I’ve discovered swimming or anything, but I am truly surprised at how enjoyable I found the experience. … tempted?


      • I am actually! I went a couple of times this summer but then fell out of the habit when my scheduled was a bit hectic. I’ve been meaning to go back, so perhaps you will inspire me to do so. 🙂


      • 🙂 Summer’s almost here again! (Or is your summer nearly over? I can’t remember what hemisphere you live in …)


      • Alas, I’m in the northern hemisphere so winter is nearly here. Snow is in the forecast for Monday. :-S


      • Ouch. Only indoor swimming for you then, m’dear!
        We’re one week into November and the mercury should be rising into the thirties (Celcius, of course), the streets should have that hot, dusty scent and we should all be beginning to wonder whether we’ll have enough water to last the summer months. Instead, in my part of Australia (Melbourne) we have weather in the teens, frequent heavy showers and grey skies. Upside: I don’t need to remember to water my garden; downside: my veggies may not flourish! A few hundred km’s to the north, Sydney and the Blue Mountains are recovering from ghastly bushfires (wildfires). Meanwhile, a number of people almost half the population of Australia were affected by Typhoon Haiyen in the Philippines, and Haiyen is on its way to Vietnam.
        But it certainly means I don’t complain about *our* irregular weather patterns!


      • Yes, we were actually blessed this year with a very mild fall (in the 20s even, Celsius). But I’m dreading winter. Canadian winters are a lot different from Australian ones! I’ve been to Australia once during your winter and enjoyed weather that was +25C and up most of the time (in Queensland). I did get a little chilled in Melbourne though – I bought some gloves. 😉 We, on the other hand, are hovering around 0C now, headed to a low of perhaps -40C in January. :-S Eek. Not my favourite time of year.


      • I have a Canadian ‘nephew-in-law’ who describes Canadian winters. I hope you don’t mind me saying ‘you may keep those to yourself’! I hope you and yours can stay safe and warm this coming winter.


      • 🙂 I don’t blame you one bit!


  3. My pool’s a 25m one too. And today, instead of going to the pub, I decided to be healthy, and went to the pool. Then when I was swimming to the ladder to get out, some kid landed on me, cracked my shoulder and head, and then swam off, giggling.

    Good times.


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