Tonight I am feeling the lethargic weariness  of depression, feeling it settled over me like a heavy and not-at-all-comforting blanket.

It’s just been an ordinary Sunday: phone calls with dad, and mum; walk along bushtrail; housework; phone call with best friend interstate; catching up on some TV: nothing out of the ordinary. Certainly nothing which would ordinarily leave me feeling as though I’ve worked a 13 hour day, before putting in a few hours’ study.

This is part of what depression can do to  you: sap you of the energy you bring to everyday tasks.

What I’m proud of today is that although I may not have felt energetic, I still allowed myself to enjoy the things I’ve done.

If you let yourself enjoy what you can do, then you’ve won. And if there’s one thing I really love winning, it’s the fight against depression.

Go team Dysthymia! Woohoo! … yeah,  that came out sounding a bit lame. Put it down to weariness – but weariness with a smile.


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8 responses to “Tired

  1. Hi there. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Please visit this link: http://emberyn.com/2013/10/28/1572/. Congratulations and thank you for inspiring me with your blog!


  2. Hi! You haven’t posted in a while so I thought I’d check in to see what’s new. I hope all is well. Hugs


    • Thank you SO much! I really appreciate it. Someone kindly nominated me for a ‘Versatile Blogger’ award but the process of passing the award on became, in my mind, a little daunting, so – having such a finely honed avoidant personality! – I haven’t been in this space for a while, four or five days, I think. But I’m back now. How are you travelling?


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