Stable: Not likely to fall or give way, as a structure, support, foundation etc; firm; steady.

[The Concise Macquarie Dictionary]


It’s nice to feel stable. It’s peaceful, and productive; it’s conducive to forward thinking which isn’t distorted by rampaging fear or fluttering anxiety; it’s lying on the couch, able to read a good book for more than ten minutes at a time. It’s being open to having swathes of time just being there, not having to fill each  moment in case something dreadful escapes the cellar of my mind and overwhelms me.

Some things are more stable than others. Stonehenge, Uluru, the Colosseum: these are all more stable than my mood. Today my mood’s stable, tomorrow it may not be; but that’s no reason to ruin this pleasant afternoon, an afternoon of reading, writing and – very occasionally – cleaning.

Long live stable.

Stable, Immovable


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