A Good Day

So: what does it take for an anxious, depressed person to title a post “A Good Day”? Let me enlighten you!

I woke with a deep-seated feeling of foreboding, clutching the pillow and fearful of … everything. After the dearly beloved went to work, I made myself a herbal tea and went back to cower under the covers for a while. Then I took a firm grip on the shreds of my self-esteem and ventured as far as the shower. Woo hoo.

After such a tenuous start to the day, breakfast is eaten in front of the TV watching recorded episodes of favourite shows. Don’t judge: this “electronic valium” puts the scary/scared part of my brain to sleep.

Then I went out to say a cheerful good morning to my new neighbours, the noisy miners who are nesting in the bushes outside the front door. This is a good tactic: they continue to swoop my partner, but not me. Both chicks were out of the nest and flying around today, the little darlings.

So it was that I was able to become more and more … will I go so far as to say “sprightly”? Yes, why not? It was fun to get dressed and head out for coffee.

Returning home, I was a bit worn out – conversation and company over a cuppa was great, but it’s still an hour and a half out of the house. Eep. Knowing a support person was coming for a visit this afternoon, and feeling drained, I ditched frenetic housework plans for sipping tea and a bit more “electronic valium”.

Today’s support person was filling in for my usual, who is on sick leave. In some ways this was a really helpful conversation, because he had not heard my story before, and had some interesting insights and suggestions to offer. I’m talking really original ideas … lots of food for thought there.

I fitted some meditation and  paperwork in before the dearly beloved was due home from work; it’s weirdly appropriate to mix the sublime with the ridiculous. Then a brief walk in the warmth of the afternoon prepared us for the evening.

So that’s it, folks: a good day. Nothing spectacular, just mixing it up. Any day which starts with a sense of impending doom and ends chirping at  birdly neighbours has to be a good day, right?



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4 responses to “A Good Day

  1. Imogen

    Great read – I would love to hear what these original thoughts were from the support worker. I always like to say “you can’t see the picture while you’re in the frame”; it is often so helpful to get advice and insight from strangers. Hope tomorrow is as enlightening as today was 🙂


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