Why horoscopes are bullshit

Because an online horoscopes said this about me today:

Sometimes you have a hard time trusting the eternal optimists and naive new-agers who want to discuss psychological and spiritual issues that you consider to be private matters. Your position may lean toward the idea of sharing the basic principles and nothing more. Nevertheless, you are now tempted to come clean about something you’ve long kept to yourself. Start slowly or you may reveal more than you intend. Find a friendly audience before opening your heart.

This to the woman who’s been blogging fairly openly about her personal mental health journey for some time now. Good one, astrologists.



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5 responses to “Why horoscopes are bullshit

  1. emberyn

    :: srrks:: I love horoscopes. Generally I am quite Virgo. The fun part for me is trying to apply it to my day. “Try not to pass up a financial opportunity today.” I did leave that penny on the ground.


    • I think it was Douglas Adam’s character Dirk Gently who took over writing the horoscopes for a newspaper and always gave his friend a crap daily horoscope. The newspaper couldn’t figure out why its circulation had dropped by half. Love it!


      • emberyn

        I do so love Douglas Adams. I need to give him a re-read.

        Also for some reason I rolled right over the bit about you being from Australia. I looked at my stats and was like, “INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION!” Had a party and everything.


      • Awesome! (You mean you didn’t pic up on the accent through the interwebs?) Wish I could’ve been at the party – ha ha!
        Yes, the loss of Douglas Adams to the world was very sad. He wrote what I like to call “big science fiction” – huge ideas – and all with that wry humour. The concept of the electronic monk; flying, by throwing yourself at the earth and missing (which is, of course, precisely how the moon stays up); finding an alternative universe by twisting through the tiny angle that will flip yourself around a molecule … *sigh* Oh, and the Guide as it was depicted in the original TV series – the Kindle prototype!
        Thanks for the chance to reminisce 🙂


  2. Wow, reading this four months later, I can see I wasn’t my usual cheery self that day! 🙂


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