My open mind’s been prised further open (ouch)

Sooo …. I may have to re-think my previous skepticism of essential oils having an influence on sleep.

Yeah, yeah, I think of myself as a materialist existential atheist, but sometimes new facts come to light which must be taken into account.

A luxury trio of massage oils had found their way into my en suite cabinet. One remains. As I was applying body moisturizer before bed the other night, it caught my eye.

“Ginger root, black pepper, juniper berry essential oils … that sounds nice. And I seem to remember hearing something about ginger being good for depression.”

So I anointed myself, massaging a little into the centre of my forehead, behind my ears, the top of my chest and finally passing my virtually oil-less finger across that tiny square centremetre of flesh betwixt lip and nostril. (Yeah – I kinda leaped right in … my sister calls it my family’s “on” switch, as in when you do something, you either DO it, or you don’t.)

What followed was the worst night’s sleep I’ve had in ages. Bloody hell! It was bad! I tossed, I turned, I took an extra temazepan, I got up and read, I imagined a beautiful new  home for my partner and I, I wrote a fantasy novel featuring us … and still sleep eluded me.

The sample size is small (one experiment) but the results were convincing, from a subjective perspective, anyway.

Could it be that it was the essential oils which brought about my insomnia? But that would mean admitting … that essential oils might promote a good night’s sleep! The skeptic within me screams “NOOOOOO” but perhaps I need to do some experimenting.

After all, what sort of materialist existential would I be if I can’t believe the proof of my experiences?

*sigh* All things change, right?


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3 responses to “My open mind’s been prised further open (ouch)

  1. Cam

    I’m a sceptic too, but after a strenuous day my amazing partner gave my back a knead with lavender scented massage oil. Similarly, my sample size is too small to jump to any conclusions (the strenuous day or the massage or both could be the key) but I slept like a log for the first time in ages. More experimentation is required!


    • Oh wow! Awesome 🙂 I mean, you hear/read/endure so many ‘raves’ from obvious True Believers that I had just got to the point of turning off. Still, the sign of a truly open mind is to be willing to challenge your own preconceptions as well as anyone else’s. So here goes … *sigh* lavender oil experimentation will begin. If anyone wants to jump in with other essential oil suggestions, feel free.


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