Denial: Tomorrow’s Experiment

Tomorrow I am going to wake up and try to pretend I am not deeply depressed.

I don’t know how this will go, but having done it really hard recently, I’m willing to try and disappear up denial’s fairytale arsehole and hopefully find a magical rainbow of relief there.

What might it look like? Basically, crashing through those barriers which have been plaguing me lately and, well, just faking it.

Will report progress back, in the fullness of time. Expect fairyfloss or heartache.


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5 responses to “Denial: Tomorrow’s Experiment

  1. Looking forward to reading about the outcome.


    • So far so good! Whenever I feel my mood plummeting I bare my teeth in a grin. Might scare the natives but it’s been working.
      Seriously, though, I don’t believe denying your depression is in general the best approach to take – but in terms of having “a day off” this is fantastic! Sure beats lying on the floor weeping for four hours because you can’t even get yourself up onto the couch 🙂


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  3. That’s good news, maybe you should try extending it beyond a day. Well done you!!


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