Weird Discharge Conversation

Over the last month I’ve noticed I’ve become far more assertive. This served me well during a bizarre conversation this morning.

I was preparing for discharge – partner taking bags down to car, nurses packaging medication up – when a slightly not-quite-in-this-world patient drifted by.

“Are you going home today?”

“Yes, pretty soon, actually. We’re just finishing up.”

“Oh … how do you feel?”

“Fine. Really great, actually. How are you today?”

“I’m OK … Well, do you think you’re ready to go home?” 


“And do the nurses think you’re ready to go home?”

This is where the assertiveness kicks in. (And, truth be told, a slight pushback against the implication that I may not be ready to go home.)

“Do you mind me asking why are you asking me these questions? Yes, I am ready to go home. Yes, I am feeling fine. This conversation is striking me as a little strange.”

“Hmm.” And she drifts away.

Am typing this at home. It is QUIET. It is PEACEFUL. 

And no one is going to drift by questioning my sanity. 

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